Cadbury Thins: Lycra

Invented 1959. Because one size will never fit all.
Cadbury Thins. Invented 2005. Because every woman deserves 100% Cadbury chocolate with only 100 calories.
Now that's clever.

Advertising Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Andy Manson
Art Director: Erin Wendel
Copywriter: Lauren McCrindle
Illustrator: Ray Fenwick
Published: January 2008


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Drew Ovard
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Pretty dull ad, in my opinion.

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26 pencils

pretty dull comment, in my opinion.
this campaign is freshhhhhhhh!

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685 pencils

newspaper ad

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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Copy_Can's picture

Isn't Lycra a successful product, much like the rest of the products in this campaign (well, probably an exception would be the first one about the shaving)?

I think the line is weak. Instead of "Now that's clever" I would have said "Another clever idea" or something.

But overall - meh.

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WQ graphics
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Cadbury deserves better than this campain

too much reading in it, not eye catching

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Fresh work! Loved the campaign.

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i'm a woman and i don't really like it.
don't get me wrong totally love the product - 100 calorie chocolate? FANTASTIC!
hoped the ad would have been as mouthwatering as the product.

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