May 2016
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Cadbury Lunch Bar Man Size

Advertising Agency: Publicis, South Africa
Creative Director: Kady Winetzki
Art Director: Chris Lesser
Copywriter: Paul Burgess
Illustrators: George Greyling, Julian Dowl

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It's such a direct copy of the JAWS poster concept, that I would never think Cadbury would risk a law suit from Universal.
I do believe though, that even if it's an authorized rehash (and a mediocre one at that), it should include credits to either the original artist(s) or to the legal owners of the original artwork. I'm not knowledgeable regarding international copyright laws or agency accepted credit protocol, but it just seems the right way to do it.
With that kind of practice the whole team, artists, copyrighter, creative director, etc don't come out like a bunch of douche-bag unimaginative hackers, but rather as a group of people that took a vintage graphic creation, that has become part of the collective urban imagery (at least in the Western hemisphere), and applied it to a creative concept depicting just how you would hunger for one of these Cadbury bars. Creative with a touch of humor.
I just think it would be good practice that's all. This way, without recognizing who's do credit, it's more like: "Hey, we need to get this Cadbury account! Someone get me a funny catchy concept! PRONTO!" At the same time the "creative" director catches a glance from one of the artists computer screens as the guy is buying a cult vintage dvd on amazon of JAWS, and the "creative" director screams out: "Hey you! Get me a large version of that image from google images, paint it up a bit, move some teeth (to avoid law suits) and add the Cadbury bar up there instead of the girl! I need it by 3pm!".