Cadbury: Goo on the loose, 1

Retouch: Stefano Cherubini, Happy Finish

June 2009


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someone has been inspired by adult siteslololol this one is funny the rest i am not sure but the headline and the way it's written is not appealing

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I agree, not appealing at all, would have done something better with this "criminal candy" concept

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Agree too. Pictures are nice, but dunno if there is any relation of the "cum" effect and the product. Plus, in small size I got it as "GOO OU THE...", maybe "ON" needs a bit attention.

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Thanks for the comments on the imagery, Stef worked really hard to make these work. If you like his work, here's some more on his folio:


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i wouldn't want Stef to reveal his secrets, but can you disclose whether the candy wrapper is CGI or is that a product shot that was simply manipulated and adjusted?

Also, I agree with the one comment about the letter 'n.' It is hard to do a graffiti like feel--I tried it once for a magazine. Certain people who understood letters and whatnot read what I meant for the heading to read, but others seen a totally different word, which I guess is the case with Blashyrkh reading "ou" rather than "on" at first.

I do not know if there is much more to say. The visual is good, but the idea being pushed across had me scratching my head at first.

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Heya :)

I've just spoken to Stef about your question and I'm delighted to inform you that it was neither CGI nor a product shot... it's an actual size polystyrene Twisted bar wrapper that was used for the shot. Unlike most other campaigns of this nature, the boys and girls at Saatchi decided on a very straighforward approach.

But you're right, it could have been either. We did a grolsch campaign a couple of months ago that integrated product shots into lightbulbs, and then we recreated the interior of and Aston Martin entirely in CGI and people have been surprised when we've told them it isn't real.

They're all on our website so do have a look and let me know what you think :)

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It all feels like point of sale.

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