March 2007

Art Director:Kama yu

The number of hectares of animal habitat wiped out every single day, so we can enjoy new furniture and flooring.
What's the real rice of illegally logging the Asian rainforest?
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Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Director: Doug Schiff
Copywriters: Doug Schiff, Fei zhao
Retoucher: Centro Digital
Photographers: Anuchai Srijarunputong, Nok Pipattungkul

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juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

not completly disagreeing with you, but the way they are comunicating this rather "old" message,
is even older. I think that is the problem.

kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

Very nice. Touching but not hard hitting.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.'s picture
Activity Score 1021

nice idea, hectares should be also written bigger so it catches more our attention.

Advertising Pawn's picture
Advertising Pawn
Activity Score 419

Haha, I did not see the blood at first glance... The table and chair one work even better thanks to the small drop. I really love the delicacy that has been put into those photos. Very subtle!


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addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

if hectares was written bigger it would probably lose its price tag look.
i think this "high price" idea is great but i'm not sure if it really needs the blood, makes it look a bit cheesy to me.

ivan's picture

I think blood is key for the concept.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

to me the main idea lies in the "price tag" - at first sight it looks like an ad for furniture, but people would probably wonder about the high "price" (depends on the currency of course). this makes them read the copy and understand that the real price for this piece is the extinction of lots of beautiful animals.

they added some blood in order to make it look more dramatic but i think it's not really needed.
btw, the animals mentioned are endangered because their habitat's getting cleared, so most of them will die by starving, i.e. no bloodshed

popdistortion's picture
Activity Score 1592

I see your point but I think Ivan is right. The problem is that no one will read the body copy. Now, if someone walks by and sees the blood... that might actually stop them long enough for them to have a look at the copy.

Punch's picture
Activity Score 612

Aqui voy de nuevo. Y aunque a muchos no les agrade.

Concepto: Aparenta ser un insight bien elegido. Pero no. Lamentablemente cuando
alguien vaya a comprarse un mueble de este tipo, sera en la tienda de "Antigüedades".
Lo que me lleva a al segundo paso, no me causa sentido de conciencia.

Direccion de arte: NADA. Es un recorte cualquiera de un mueble y pegado cual catalogo
de venta por retail.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

mmm its telling people something that allready know (at least arround here)...
paper, wood, and other products cause the deforestation. its not something new.

And the all price stuff is just wordplay.

Also i dont understand what they intend us to do on this ad, to stop buying furniture o to inform ourselves?

Yokel's picture
Activity Score 604

I think we all know it, but we need reminding, otherwise we get lazy.

Stop buying furniture? Well, we buy old, secondhand, antique etc furniture. Partly out of reasons such as this, but also out of quality reasons. So much furniture gets thrown in the trash here, that could effectively cut into the amount of wood being harvested.

juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

not completly disagreeing with you, but the way they are comunicating this rather "old" message,
is even older. I think that is the problem.

gibshellenberger's picture
Activity Score 157

that is a beautiful piece of furniture. do they grow burled walnut in those forests?

jsn's picture
Activity Score 83

no, they don't. Its not found in south east asia forests. Use of furniture to tell the story is fine, but it should be part of the idea. "Price tag" is just an execution and over used. How abt showing a forest of furniture and animals are shelterless. Just a suggestion.

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2824

Its a bit 'shining'

I like it.