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nice one.. I kinda like it

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Not bad

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Libor Oubrecht
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what's the product?

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it's an ad for a service ... "help from cocain" association

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Are you almost out of cocaine? We can help.

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hahahah... no shit... that is what i think too...

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The idea is not that someone's "almost out of cocaine". The idea is that time is running out and so you need help asap. Nice visual.

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They were just kidding :) Plus it doesn't matter what the original idea was if people can easily misunderstand it or hijack like this (which could be a good thing sometimes - NOT the case)

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al right, it took me some time to resolve.

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I really like this - sends a powerful message very simply.

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Roger Keynes
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Cute 'community' idea... but it would seem to me that an edgier idea would be called for here if we're talking to addicts.

Will Think for Salary

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