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Frits Harkema
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I am not sure. Is it made of chicken feet and mango? And are those not organlically grown? Yes it looks weird but that doens not make it a great ad.

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john doe
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But the agency's name is nice.

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haha!... yes.. its a funny name! i like it!

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Guto Araki
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Imagine the coffee and biscuits they serve in the meetings.

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If this is about genetically modified body lotion then, not bad but the art direction is lacking a gene or two. Every element is fighting for the same attention.
'Where your beauty breathes'?

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i am zero
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Déjà vu

same type visual seen somewhere in Refrigerator ad.
that keeps all items saperate, dont allow fruits smell like chicken, etc.
concept needs to be more direct.

john, m there with u in AGENCY NAME fans.

pashya is zero

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Maybe I'd need a brief on the local market to understand why there is a chicken foot coming out of that mango. Chickens can be "organic" too. Maybe the mango needs some sort of man made chemical oozing out of it. That would make it not organic. Or if there was a crop plane watering the mango with pesticides. Then it wouldn't be organic.

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I don't think it's suppose to be chicken. more like a reptile or some other dangerous flying creature (dangerozaurus ;-) )

so it'd mean: organic with dangerous element.

nevertheless... pretty crappy campaign.

btw, what's with the claim? "Where your beauty breathes." WTF? I sincerely hope it's just a bad translation.

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Where Your Beauty Breathes.

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Guys, if you look carefully at the three ads, I think you'd understand them.
1. Body milk, if it's not organic then it might make your skin (usually used on feet) look like this
2. Shampoo, if it's not organic then it might make your hair like the fish (spiky)
3. Face cream, if it's not organic then it might make your face skin like alligator skin

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"My" body milk? I feed it to my half chimp half apricot pet.

I think, therefore... yeah.

STRTLRS's picture
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Thanks for the clarification Satria, but that doesn't justify it.

"My" body milk? I feed it to my half chimp half apricot pet.

I think, therefore... yeah.

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