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Hmmm....is this boot from PS2 ? ... ;-) . :D . :-\

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MADE in the USA
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This campaign has good message delivery, nicely done.
\ ; )

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While I get the point and the visuals are intriguing, I still want to see the boots. Yes, they're Buttero. Yes, they're handcrafted. But I still want to see them. Or is it because these boots are made by Buttero, you don't have to see them anymore as for sure they'll be chic? Hmmm...I don't think so.

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You want to see the boots. Next time you see the signage Buttero in a mall, you will check it out. The ad did the job.

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No, Ivan, next time I'll be in a mall, I would've probably forgotten all about Buttero. I'd be watching a movie while munching on a burger. If I saw the boots, it would probably be a good reason to drag myself to the mall to check it out. Fashion taps into the emotion. In this case, it doesn't.

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Ha..ha..ha.. Smart answer...

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This is an oxymoron, these are "machines" with human parts!

Then they should be like 49% "hand" crafted, if it was 101% the whole machine would be made out of flesh and bone.

Nice photo though.

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I think the whole idea is that depite the denomination of '100% handcrafted' the manufacture of leather boots still implies the use of some machinery like for sewing,polishing etc. Buttero claims that even sewing,polishing and other processes are done by hand or as good as. This would make they're products '101% handcrafted'...

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MADE in the USA
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One of the things marketing has difficulty overcoming --- You are not likely the key demographic if you forget the boots before you go to the Mall. You’re not “motivated” by the brand enough to remember it.

Thanks whitespace, I went to the Google search page and while looking around I actually bought a pair of these Buttero‘s: (
I think they’ll look good under my Levi’s while I’m headed down the highway on the Motorcycle.
(Impulse buy).
\ ; )

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It's true. I totally agree with this explanation.

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