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Phil Lestino
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Who is Bogdan and what is Bang do?
How will they help me discover another me?

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Marlus Lau
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Good questions. Maybe brainwashing in these places will turn you in another person.

What is bang do, for sanity sake?

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Maybe the art-work was what pulled me here... the copy is lame.

Yours truly,
Assadi >)

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i think they are tryint o pun around. bogdan was a cuba boxer/soccer player? am not sure.

ad loving mad creative. find me on desicreative.

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is it thailand or cuba, im confused, the copy says thailand, but the text on this page says cuba

You Are What You Expect

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Dev Kumar
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Yes, a visible error...Ivan, please get it sorted out, will you?

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way above me !

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what ?

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- Life Feeds on Life -

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bang do is an anagram of bogdan. i get it. i like it. not sure people would pay money to go to thailand based on this.

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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zit, nada, fail

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Dev Kumar
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A good idea for sure...but the execution is kind of, forced. Apparently, the wordsmith took it lightly.

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bla bla bla. Next please

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