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Phil Lestino
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This has totally lost me...It doesn't even use the same letters oh dear....not very good series I think.

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All the same letters are used.

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Yeah, and? What are they trying to say to me? I'm totally lost, like most people here. So maybe that's the aim, confusing as many people as possible?

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no good | Good? No

Always try to be unique even when forced to conform.

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Perfect way to put it. What does it mean when someone's comment on an ad is far better than the ad itself?

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What an anomaly...

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well it's not that difficult: they're anagramming Romanian names turning them into foreign names (and, specifically, into names from the countries they're promoting). So "discover another you" means that, with the same letters, a Romanian is changed into a native Cuban, Thai, etc... I think it quite gets to the point.

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its a complicated ad. but i find this pretty much understandable than others.. Adrian is normal english name and Naadir is the Muslim name as Jordan is a Arab country.

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The_guest is right I think, these are not as bad as they seem at first sight - you'll get know and identify with their culture so deep you will turn into Raul, Naadir etc. But still this letter-mixing method is not inspiring enough even if the thought is pretty much there.

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i did understand the idea, and let me tell you that english is not my first language, i think that the ones that didnt quiet understand the message, has some serious problem, lol :P...

Maybe it hat nothing to do with english language, but my point is that you can easily figure out the idea =]

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