Bushtail: Hair

Unusual research. Unusual advertising.

Advertising Agency: Bushtail, Bangalore, India
Creative Director: Jeevan Sebastian
Art Director: Roshni Merchant
Copywriter: Shikha Gupta
3D Illustrators: Pritpal Singh, Shiju Krishnan, Praveen Kumar
Photographer: Giridhar Dhavan
Other additional credits: Deepak K
Published: June 2009


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it sounded like a forced campaign for me...

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true !

too forced !!



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Really Man

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dirty advertising. dirty shot/expression too.
but tell me what you guys mean exactly?

"3D Illustrators: Pritpal Singh, Shiju Krishnan, Praveen Kumar"
3 peaople worked for this plain funny illustration? it seems strange.

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that's it! i'm not coming back to this site anymore!

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funny expression, makes me laugh

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just write
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I am not really liking this campaign now as i hav seen all of them, it's not Realistic, or acceptable. Not too funny also... It's a weird exaggerattion...

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This is amazing art direction, and the concept rocks...
Keep up the awesome work

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you know actually the idea is nice. only the expressions of the people are quite fake. tell me something...what did the 3D illustrators do?

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Looks like the the agency guys themselves are posting comments here.. saying the ads are good, they are brilliant, the models rock.. blah blah..
But for me these ads a crap. the expressions sucks, the concept doesn't work, they are trying hard to sell it, but better luck next time guys..
you guys should really work it out more and do some hard hitting creative stuff which will entertain people and like your stuff..
Wish you Luck..

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