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Excuse my ignorance, which "Bushman" is this? SOuthern african bushman do not look like that. This is typically arrogant of European agencies. For starters, the tribesman in the picture would be more of Masai or generally from the Masai part of Africa. so unless i am missing something, this is not "bushman"? secondly, they are not called Bushman anymore. it is considered inappropriate and belittling - they are San people. I need clarity on this. This campaign is gravely offensive, misguided and utterly wrong. Black people of Africa and Australia are almost always depicted as victims in Europe-made ads... Please help. Maybe i am too sensitive to such matters, but then again, I am a young and junior advertising company employee, it is crucial to me to avoid stereotypes - so should the rest of the advertising world.

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I think the spelling of Bushman is incorrect, it is supposed to be Bushmen, I think. According to Wikipedia Bushman is a Marvel Comics supervillain. And, yes you're right the guy on top does look like a Masai warrior.

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