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Yeah right? Who made up that bullshit fact?

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I don't get it why do the dude's have to be smoking ?? It's like "Awww !I'm relaxed i know that i'm protecting myself cuz I wore a condom.. so let me light up this cig and fuck up my lungs!" lol

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It's funny that a person with the handle weezergrl is talking shit about cigarette smoking. Obviously it's a reference to the band, I'm just saying it's funny.

Smoking in a towel is the universal sign for post-sex relaxation, but I don't think it needs to be in all of them.

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I agree with weezergrl. Why the guy has to be smoking in all ads? They could make it in one or two of the series, but not in all.

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ok if you don't catch HIV..catch cancer

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That's not the point of interest here. Smoking a cigarette after sex is a cliché image, that's why they use it...

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hanoch john samuel
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not nice

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i allways thought: people from europe know all about ocidental culture, they created it.
cigar in a towell after sex it is a clichè, an icon from the ocidental culture!!
and politically correct comments dont fit well on the Ad-World.

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