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Third World Copy

I insist. Cool ads.

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The guy in the picture does not care about a woman that's having a baby in the back of the bus he's riding. Simple details that make a good idea suck.


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Samantha (sammi)

Apparently, you've never been on public transport in a big city.

My 3-months pregnant tummy and hairless cha cha LOVE this campaign. Awesome!



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I like them too. Does that make me a pervert? I don't feel the disgusting nature of it. I just imagine a cute little kid peeping out.

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The idea is very good, sadly a boy does not have a so real vision when being born, is blurred and faded according to the experts.

Live and learn!

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At least your not focused on the non-essential details.

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The idea is good... it may not be anatomically correct or completely true to real life, but you all got it and it gets the message across, which is what's really important. And i don't find them gross at all. I like 'em.

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Nice. Not great. But nice.

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i'm not grossed out, but i still think these are terrible.

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nice ad, nice idea, orrible post prod, seems fake!
you can recognize the tissue...

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