Burn: Party

Advertising Agency: Karmarama London, UK
Photographers: Mike Diver & Pedro Aguilar, London
Post production: Diver & Aguilar
Art Director: Georgina Hoffmann

June 2008


shawn.roos's picture
44 pencils

looks pretty. says nothing.

sonucoues2002's picture
804 pencils

in thumbnail i thought it was a perfume ad

nice gaijin's picture
nice gaijin
815 pencils

Haha I thought it was an Axe ad

Guto Araki's picture
Guto Araki
158 pencils

I think it's sexy, hot and young... for some reason it reminds me that disco song "Burn, babe burn... disco inferno" ... considering that this drink is just some energy stuff to mix with your booze I might say its good. I'm sure if it was a poster inside the restroom of a club it would increase the sale.

sparky's picture
454 pencils

i'm sure of this poster was in a club toilet i would wipe my arse on it.

Guto Araki's picture
Guto Araki
158 pencils

I see. Than is twice as good. It sells the drink AND cleans your ass. And remember there are very feel people who actually shits in clubs. That would give other people time to hit on your girlfriend when you're not around.

matks's picture
476 pencils

I'm afraid this poster would limit suplies of the toilet paper in this club.

rave's picture
51 pencils

Nice burnedout idea!!!!

getconnected2001's picture
987 pencils

Sorry not working!

Guest's picture

It`s pretty good! Damn, I don`t understand why those people are so critical. What matters is that this concept comunicates the brand, and advertising is not art, just communication. So, if it works, it`s good! And screw you all of you who criticizes without presenting valid arguments.

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