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I'm loving it.

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Don Draper
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The best comment, on the best headline, among four really great ones. Feels nothing like "Burger King" and I'm not in love with the art direction (kinda 1965ish with the black and white), but for a late night food campaign these really get the message across in a cool way.

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This is still the only one I lie. Unless you're advertising in "Pimp Monthly" , this is the only execution that actually talks to the target audience. The rest is copywriter masturbation.

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hartspueler, that's is the slogan to Mcdonald's, hehehe xD

is in my way!!! good ads!

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Never use the generic word to describe your product - beer, chips, burger, etc. Say "Whopper" instead.

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if only my foot would reach to kick you in the part of the body that hurts most when being kicked.

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they can afford to do that, dear teacher. they surely can.

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great copy campaign!!

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The only one I like out of the bunch. But I do like it.

This is the only one that talks to everyday people about a benefit.

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Can someone tell me what ¨whatsherface¨ mean?

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yes yes yes, great stuff, are you serious mezog... you don't know what whatsherface means? what's her face! you know the one with the big tits!

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Girl is pissed drunk ...
her face has 'whatsherface'
clever but bit complexe

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what a gud line n agud cmapaign

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Thanks, the thing is I´m colombian, that´s why I didn´t knew what that mean for u guys :)

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