Burger King UK: Warrior mums, 2

The lunch battle is over. New BK' Angus Mini-Burgers.
The food kids want. Quality you can feel good about.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Co-executive Creative Director: Rob Reilly
Creative Director: James Dawson-Hollis, Bill Wright
Art Directors: Lynn Born, Dan Treichel
Copywriters: Andrew Ure, Michael Ludwig
Photographer: Tony D'Orio
Print Producers: Jessica Arcey, Yajaria Fierro
Art Buyer: Sheri Radel
Published: June 2008


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omg, that sucks :x
Both of characters are women, nice sexist work you guys :

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as if men ever bother what their kids eat.

dico's picture
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i like it.
good idea, great art!

TexasH's picture
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Well. Nice but this ones are so much stronger:


phoamcor's picture
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beyond boring

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what do you expect after that "i'm a pc" ad?

The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso

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Yet another Cher wannabe about to break into "Take Me Home".

I'm not sure which is sadder, honestly: that BK bought this or that people actually got paid to think it up. How long is it gonna be before we see a bail out of Madison Avenue?

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My mother liked it, and now we're on our way to Burger King, woehahaha.

Jimmy, age 7

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She looks like she's about to go into battle and she's happy about it. She should be a little more weary after battle. Pretty lame for Burger King.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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amazing all these comments. you guys sure you work in advertising? shame.

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No, most of them are students pretending to be authorities. As for the ad, it has so many mis-steps, it's not even funny. Here's a first one, and you can proceed from there if you wish: if the "lunchtime battle is over", why is she holding a bamboo whisk? Why not the client's take out sack? Wouldnt that make the point a little more strongly?

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uh uh.


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lol, Samurai Mum. Good one :)

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Disappointed in your work lately. Female empowerment strategy is great but not when it's so obvious. Could you pander to woman anymore than your doing now. Throw these out and start over!

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