Burger King: The Burger King Status Trader

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School Europe, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Director: Niklas Frings-Rupp
Art Director / Copywriter: Andrei Khashan
Illustrator: Kyoko Takeshita
Additional credits: Lennert Schrader
Published: September 2010


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Too gimmicky. Burger King is only using you to sell their products to your facebook friends. I hope the content is removable.

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Quite frankly, I find this new "all-have-to-be-on-facebook" approach rather annoying sometimes. If the concept is not interesting, innovative or fun, why do it? In this particular case, it's not very far from those "bring your wife with you and get something for free" promotion meetings.

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Jaap Grolleman
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exactly and I'm a bit tired of all those apps as well. And lastly, why should I not delete this Burger King ad from my profile after I had the deal?

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Oh good lord. Complicated.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Only half an idea: get people to exchange their status updates for a code (the is the easy half and probably suggested in most many marketing 101 student projects). The second half is creating a competition/game etc that is socially acceptable and interactive enough to get people to want to share/view it in status updates.

Forcing all your friends to see blatant advertising so you get $1 off a burger is irritating as hell and a good way of becoming a social outcast. Now maybe they thought of the second half and the status content is great, but it doesn't look like i!.

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I'm not so sure this is a good idea.

Look at how much work you have to do to become the social media version of a guy walking around with sponsorship on them.

It's not going to create good engagement on their fb page either is it?

"Oh you've got a BK ad again up"
"Yeah I did it to get a dollar of my meal"
"... they update your fb with vids about them"

There is also the fact you have to do *quite* a bit of work to get to the end phase of this, you have to download an app, input your fb/twitter details, then get a code, then go to restaurant. Whilst in the meantime BK have been updating your profile.

They are trying to expose the viral loop in a very sleazy way in my opinion.

EDIT: Didn't notice it was a school project. Criticism still stands but at least it's not a real product (yet)



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Peter Plan
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You can connect anything with facebook and call it an idea. I call it stupid.

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