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So what is it that makes Burger King another story? This concept feels disconnected with the brand.
Two subjects are about fraternising enemies and one about getting what you really want. So what is the core message?
This is just playing on a twist to well known stories so it could work for any brand or service. Where's the brand connection that makes it intrinsically Burger King?
It looks good, though.

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Hmmmm... Good points, def. But seeing how it's student's work and all, and that if it did run, it would grab attention and perhaps make the reader smile, I think it works.

Yes, the tag line ain't that hot. Yet.

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cool. nice idea. lovely execution.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Nursery Rhymes=Ad Spackle. Right up there with Mona Lisa and eye charts. Not surprised it's from students.

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why is this frontpage? it doesn't make any sense.

Sounds like "it's another story" could be referring to some other ads that hopefully have an actual concept. unlike these.

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this is definitely the last one they came up with... the other 2 makes a little sence (without the tagline though) cause the wolf eats little red riding hood and the same with the pigs in the normal story. but whats up with this one? normally she is saved by a prince.. now its a burger guy climbing her tower.. this last ad is a total different idea from the other two.

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I'm not sure about this, but does'nt someone take her food up there?

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I believe there is a cultural misunderstood here. In Brazil, "another story" means that its different. In this case Burger King can't be compared to other fast foods.

Now that everybody understood we can say with more conviction: It sucks!

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Bunch of losers shitting on student work. Too bad I'm thee years late. Nice effort guys.

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