Burger King - Fiery Fries

January 2007
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Illustrator - Sameer ketkar

Recycle without shame.
Conqueror recyclable paper.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Everest, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Vijay Lalwani, Makarand Patil
Art director: Sameer Ketkar, Vijay Lalwani, Makarand Patil
Copywriter: Vijay Lalwani

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in reply to all those saying "it sells and that's all that matters":

advertising loses it's glory w/o awards. yes we sell, but do we sell with dignity? we should be selling with the hopes of upping the bar. there are two kinds of people in advertising: those who want to change the world, and those who just want to sell. the ones that just want to sell are the ones that ruin the whole industry's reputation. it's what makes people NOT believe in advertising anymore.

i can see why people would be against this ad, especially people in the ad industry. first, all great ECD's avoid borrowed interest, which this ad [not-so-cleverly] displays. secondly, it almost begs to take credit for the brilliant idea generated by the SAATCHI (SG). third, it doesn't even do justice to the original layout. lastly, this billboard (i am assuming it's a billboard, because a two page ad, splitting the fry down the middle would give me one more issue to rant about) doesn't work because i see the french fry with the ketchup, and not the "recycle without shame/conqueror" part.

put it this way. would ad legends like bogusky, droga, lee clow of jeff goodby allow and ad like this to run from their agency?

but hey, if Y&R Mumbai really really loves it, let's not kill it. push the idea more.