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Why make ads that only ad people will get? Oh that's right, award season's coming up...

Shame, gentlemen, shame.

the_ashlands's picture
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i prefer the version of this concept where the ads are printed on old invoices and whatnot...translates much better than these.

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

somebody please tell me what's behind this ad? i don't understand all this...sorry for my stupid.

slim's picture
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The 'idea' is that companies have come along and shamelessly ripped off famous ads to promote their own brand. But thanks to this recycled paper, you can now recycle (paper, not ideas) without feeling guilty (for harming the environment, not for plagiarising).

It's no more complicated than that.

Oh shit, my sarcasm button got jammed again.

jennywhx's picture
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oh oh okie...thanks :P
you're cute.

CDart's picture
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Criticism must be objective...
It is true that the idea was TAKEN, but I think you know that the most important thing in advertising is how to sell the product, regardless of that idea is taken or duplicates, and this doesnt mean that I am approval copies ideas.
In spite of the fact... most advertising agencies used the ideas of others with some modifications.
Dont be agressive in your comments, Most companies propaganda Thus.

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This is a campaign for advertiser.
It says that this conqueror paper is recycling cause it is using the same paper of other print ads.

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questionchallenger: what if in some year just DON'T happen awards festivals?
i mean NO festival, ZERO, NONE, 0000,00.

imagine the ad-world without awards.
could be better? worst? same?
what could happen with the greats creatives? or even with the normal creatives?
is just the awarded creatives the good professionals? or they can just do award-ads, nothing...errr... to sell?
any way, this challenger, this cruzade about award make our job better??
a non-award work is not good?? who decides?
lets suppose a "crap" sell 10 times more than a award, so, who is on the right way??
i am really worry about the way of our work on these days.
i saw some time ago: "If don't sell, is not creative"
we lost this?

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Hmmmm...interesting arguement. Read through this post http://adsoftheworld.com/media/ambient/jeep_door_handle_teaser

original doodles + creative sweat = thinkingfresh.ca

sold's picture
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if this campaing is for "award season", i don't want to see the day-by-day work...
btw: this idea is old.

addyhoch10's picture
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wow, so it has been re-recycled

popdistortion's picture
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Clearly they should have been ashamed. This is definitely advertising for advertisers and it really sucks big time.

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Clearly they should have been ashamed. This is definitely advertising for advertisers and it really sucks big time.

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I have seen similar idea for WWF. It had quotes from famous people but someone else was given credit.

I have a dream - George Bush (somewhat like this). This was also about recycle.

I am curious where was this published.

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creative or not creative.
the purpose of advertisement is to advertise, and gain attention from audience.
else, why do client pay money? to get some ad awards?
sadly to say, but that's fact.
stories that audience doesn't not understand, no matter how good the story is, it wouldn't be a successful story.

blueturtles's picture
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and the purpose of awards is to up the standards. you should know this...especially because you call yourself a "visionary".

kre8's picture
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forget the fact its only advertising to advertisers...
forget the fact that they've ripped off other ads...
but dont forget the fact that this is forced, try hard, very junior work that even they should have rejected.
awards? forget that that too.

Vibe's picture
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WTF! all the sudden, parody is a trend!

Kamikaze's picture
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Well can any body tell me wat the pull is about???

- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

B128's picture
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Who's the target... advertising Agency's stationery managers?

Justin's picture
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The target market here are ad literate people.

So, I dont think these ads were made purely for awards.

act's picture
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these ads are made for readers of ads of the world and similar blogs.

amarkar's picture
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chutiye log saley

blueturtles's picture
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in reply to all those saying "it sells and that's all that matters":

advertising loses it's glory w/o awards. yes we sell, but do we sell with dignity? we should be selling with the hopes of upping the bar. there are two kinds of people in advertising: those who want to change the world, and those who just want to sell. the ones that just want to sell are the ones that ruin the whole industry's reputation. it's what makes people NOT believe in advertising anymore.

i can see why people would be against this ad, especially people in the ad industry. first, all great ECD's avoid borrowed interest, which this ad [not-so-cleverly] displays. secondly, it almost begs to take credit for the brilliant idea generated by the SAATCHI (SG). third, it doesn't even do justice to the original layout. lastly, this billboard (i am assuming it's a billboard, because a two page ad, splitting the fry down the middle would give me one more issue to rant about) doesn't work because i see the french fry with the ketchup, and not the "recycle without shame/conqueror" part.

put it this way. would ad legends like bogusky, droga, lee clow of jeff goodby allow and ad like this to run from their agency?

but hey, if Y&R Mumbai really really loves it, let's not kill it. push the idea more.

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