Burger King: Country, 3

Come to Burger King Country.
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: The smeel of Burger King french fries causes everyone around you become hungry.

Agency: .start, Germany
Creative Director: Marco Mehrwald
Copywriter: Bernd Nagenrauft
Art Director: Gesine Schmidt
Photographers: Volker Dautzenberg, Manfred Kirchmayr


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would be nice if he dipped the tip in ketchup.

Arnold Santillan

aj's picture
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then it wudnt look like a cigi!
it would end up looking like that classic burger king 'fiery fries' ad.
also, here i guess there's an allusion to the malbro man.

dont like these ads much anyways.

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too indirect to miss the point

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dont know how smart it is linking an already well-known brand (BK) with a cigarette brand...
might have been good 20 years ago, but today, this sort of thing would flop in most markets i suspect.
and if this campaign has been made specifically for awards...it should be working alot harder.
right now, the link between BK and the Marlboro Country is tenuous at best.

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and again the marlboro man ... juhu

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chintan ruparel
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i think these are pushing it 2 much, they're trying real hard! and i hate the warning thingy in the ad...its so wannabe'ish...

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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I remember an Ad in 2003 for Chupa chups (or something like that) lillipops, it was featuring a the famous Cowboy with a Lollipop, the head line said: Come Back to where the flavour is. In my opinion much better than this series.

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Crispin POrter + Bogusky does it better.

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hmmmm... the Marlboro campaign has been parodied so much. Trying to look for something in this, but I'm not quite sure about them.

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I think only hardcore smokers will feel to buy these fries....but it will end up with buying few more packets of Marlboro instead of French fries....

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