Burger King: Chucky

Open late
Now open until 4AM every night.
Burger King
Have it your way.

We were asked to communicate that Burger King stays open until the wee hours of the morning. Thomas and Kris came up with the following campaign showing the villains of the night that we know all to well, enjoying their favourite meal after a umm night out. The ads were shot in South Africa and Dubai by French photographer Ben Dauchez and retouched by Thomas himself. A job well done! The series comprises of four ads which will run in press and outdoor.

Advertising Agency: Tonic, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Vincent Raffray
Art Director: Thomas Derouault
Copywriter: Kris Richardson
Photographer: Ben Dauchez

March 2010


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Phil Lestino
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So it's the last place you'd wanna go to at night...

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well, actually, because of the have it your way text, I tend to believe they want to say it's not their fault clients stay up so late, so at least hey should be thankful for having where to get a burger. :))

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

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"The ads were shot in South Africa and Dubai"
What about this one?! ; )


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Hahaha I'm feeling lucky that Im not working 4 Burger King...

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very good

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While the imagery is attention-getting, it doesn't make me want to eat at Burger King.

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akanksha puri
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just plain scary!!!

I wouldnt want to go to Burger King..when it has customers as these coming!!!

dont get the art too

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way out....

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oh my god its chucky the doll

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