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This seems too forced. Its a bad choice of typography and there's not enough negative space. Plus there are terrible drop shadows on the photos.


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maybe im wrong..but this reminds me of 70's haircuts more than 80's or later....

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Actually, they fit right in. Early 80's haircuts were pretty 70's-ish. In my high school, a lot of kids in the class of 89 still had those haircuts.

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oh ok. thanks

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This ad is a rip off of a shoe brand that said "hiding ugly feet since..."

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or the poster..."beer, helping ugly people get laid since 1862"

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Seems like an account manager did this.

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Hehehe i like your joke

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the product looks ridiculous.
the product's the one that needs to on hiding.

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*into hiding.

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No ads are ever ripped off from other ideas, are they.

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Swedish hair looked like that in the 80's, 90's and even now you stumble across a Swede without the Bula to hide the Swede-hairdo.
The ad itself is not original - but I like the way the guys seem be stoned outta their minds.

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one of the most pathedic ads i ever seen in this forum

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I think many dislike the ad for its uncool style and art direction, in fact it is done like this on purpose. However, it definitely stands out and positions the brand.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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