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Hey quite FUN pic,but I'm not sure that you intend to make it look graphic??Buffon look too big and jumping boy seems in strange action.

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I think the mood (Birthday party) created in this ad is very fake & made up (why green, where are the colours?).
Cut paste job could have been much much better. Proportion of the elements has completely gone for a toss, especially the jumping boy & a birthday girl sitting with the crown. What is that boy trying to do...martial arts?

I really feel bad for the green(?) baloon.

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Charbel Boudiwan

Strange art direction

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Who did this campaign? Can't find it anywhere.

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Would you own up to this trash?

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Just what the bjesus is going on here?

what happened to advertising man... it used to be beautiful...

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I enjoyed the art direction on this ad.

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i personally love this ad and i was laughing so hard when i first saw it hahahhaha
yeah buffon!!!

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