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allwhite allwhite, enough with the all white stuff.

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It's an iAd.

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Deja vu.

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That fish are made out of plastic.

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i don't even understand it. what's it supposed to communicate?

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food doesn't have flavor without bufalo, it has the same taste than napkins, forks, plates, etc... bufalo is a hot sauce mexicans use in lots of different kinds of food, from pizza to raw vegetables, etc...

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food is frozen, the sauce is so hot it cooks the food.

I would never promote Coca Cola.

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fala fulani
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I think the idea is that before the sauce the food is plain and plastic. However its lost the I WANT THAT IN MY FOOD element dont you think so?. Its too clever in half.

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I actually like it. But the problem is, they didn't say the sauce will solve the problem. For all we know, the sauce (which is right next to the plate) could have caused the food to look like that.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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so basically the thought is that everythings tasteless (colorless if you will), without that sauce, right?
But this should only apply to food. I can't put that sauce on my remote control or my fork or table and it will be filled with tastiness.
so everything except the food should have color, I guess.

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