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Is the wrinkled paper smoothen (settled) to a church shape iron.... or is it a two diferrent paper...one wrinkled and other smooth one!!!....If earlier is the case, then the transition is abrupt!!... clear me...if i got it wrong people!!

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it's creased fabric, ironed in the middle (shaped like the iron / a gothic church window)
nice idea, maybe not totally thought out.
don't like the art, the fabric really looks like paper and the shape of the "church window" looks cut out.

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you´re right. and the shape could also be seen as a bishops hat or a church...

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hey its really good...

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They shoud've just ironed wrinkled paper and photographed that. It would look alot better and believable, this is just wrinkled with a white masked pasted on top of it.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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totally agree with you. there is also a terrible drop shadow around the shape, it ruins the effect. shame.

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trying too hard. the ironed part looks like a die-cut area in photoshop not real ironed shirt. the cross looks too forced. changing to the cross-shape mositened marks from the steam iron might look better.

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chintan ruparel
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WOW...this is cool...amazing idea. 8/10!!

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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Well, i think it's not a church shape, it's pope's hat

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you're right, could be as well a mitre.
bishop, church - the message is clear.

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Nice idea.
It's done perfectly.
The artwork is shown in an oversubscribed display which works pretty well.


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