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Borrowed interest, but cool nonetheless.

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Hope... just hope the non-matrix guys get it too. Besides, Dalbir, don't you think the idea's come too late after the matrix phenomenon?
If it wern't for you, me & a few (handful few) of the matrix-crazed guys, no one's gonna' get it. Not even the judges.

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almost no one will be able to get it.i have asked five or six friends what is all about and they didn't
get it.yhis works only if you see the title-matrix pills.

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i agree...i didnt realise the ad, until i read matrix pill...

| Everartz |

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guiding light
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an idea so ahead (oops! behind) of the times

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I'd rather take the blue pill.
Nice matrix reference that is out of context and a bit (a bit much) late.

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Dalbir Singh
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my bad, should have mentioned that this is an old ad which got rave reviews when it was out, but even now lot of people like it (ideas should be ageless). Since I am relatively new to the site i am throwing in some of my previous work for critique.

however i wonder how many of you would get it without the title?

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Since it was apparently released during that time... fantastic. I loved the films, so even without the header I already thought it's Matrix.

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it's so vague... if the title 'matrix pills' wasn't there, i wouldn't know what it meant.

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Okay, since we have all agreed that it is hard to get could anyone please explain? Thanks.

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i dont think this is a good ad... this concentrates only on the people who saw the movie...
and i dont think half the people would remember the scene to actually and compare it....

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If only there was a bald, Morpheus-lookalike offering the two pills. Only Indian.

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Too late for this

Fail Harder.

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