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Darrin Stephens
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Shouldn't that shake be splashed all over the place if he's blowing in it with those jowls?

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For blowers? I wana see the bottom drawer concepts on this tag line.

I dunno, the first couple kinda make sense but this one's pretty crap.

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
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it puts a smile on my face.
but the retouching is not well done on the guy.

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The name is White
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WTF? Y is he blowing into the milkshake? And really bad art direction! Nope, Sorry
doesnt cut it.


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Hey Rog look at what your aussie mates did. No respect for Dizzie Gillespie. No respect for us.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Immediately thought about "Dizzy" Gillespie myself!

Now HE was one legendary blower...

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I really do like these... They are quick and you get it and yes, they make you giggle. FYI (SHE is the one doing the "blowing" not him.)

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shouldn't he be sucking...like the ad?

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Thank you for writing what I thought

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inches locos, se ve dos dos, suerte!

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el mismo! xD

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