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This ad compels me to zap it as fast as possible!

Indian Ads Update!
Amit Singh

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They consumed the bottles?

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Ahhh I see what you've done there: made the same ad 3 times.

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Emmm, I dont know what to say.

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R. Rinaldi
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Literal. And so? Looks like they made the strat as headline. Next.

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Don Rapper
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god people, why do you have to be jerks to "be interesting"?
cant you give some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!?!?!?

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these ads have already run - what would be the point? to show how YOU would have done it better? give constructive criticisms, give comments, make jokes - they're all perfectly fine. besides, it's a "comment" board, not a "constructive criticism" board, so get over it and don't be such a tight ass.

| think small |

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Here is some constructive for yah.

No one wants to look at ads that disgust you. The effekt does not come through, because you dont think about it, it just looks nasty, and you click it away. Not all shock value is good, and in this case it does not work.

There is no real concept or idea here, the three different ads are exactly the same with different art. There is nothing creative here, pluss the statement and the art dont realy match: Do i consume oil when drinking out of bottles made by oil? or are they trying to say that oil is bad for the earth, and we should recycle... in that case, why use a human dripping oil?? makes no sense.

The expression is completely lifeless, and i have seen pictures like this a hundred times over.

In short: It's booring, dull, meaningless, contradictary, inneffective, plain and unoriginal. It dosen't speak to anyone about anything. Oh, and the copy is completely meaningless, because it leaves more questions than answers.

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i'm so agree with you.

so.... does someone has any more doubsts about?

remember guys: i know advertisin is funny, but the most important mission here in to comunicate. So, don't send the ideas before think if people really undersatnd the concept, sometimes is better to wait, makes some test and release it.


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nice gaijin
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my pen broke!

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So its a campaign to reduce the use of plastic bottles by buying a PLASTIC bottle...

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I like the idea behind the message, but the art just doesn't work.

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"No one wants to look at ads that disgust you." ??? No one wants to look at ads, except for ad people. We have to evoke emotion to get people to look at them, to care about them... Ideally, to come away changed by what they've seen. These stop me and make me want to look. And realize, that's a lot of oil...

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And realize, thats alot of oil... come on...

It's been proven that people handle looking at shocking material pretty badly. They don't want to feel bad, and it's very hard to make an ad that makes people feel bad or reflect on life without them shutting it out.

It's like with smokes, studies show that people smoke MORE when theres nasty messages on the pack, because they feel bad, and when you feel bad, taking a sigarette helps.

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Neil Levy
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neil levy
i can't believe how mean some people are.

it's funny though in a way. i went to some of the blogs to check out the work of the people who wrote the first couple mean comments and half their work is complete garbage. nothing a good creative director would ever be into. so to the creatives who created this ad, just remember most of the people who write comments on this site are amateurs and don't know shit. your ads stopped me and made take a look and that's half the battle.

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yun siang orangutan
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So you mean this ad is good?

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interesting work. but can be done in different ways

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I think this art does work.
You see the girl; young, clean cut, beautiful. She's thin and health conscious. She probably drinks water everyday. She grabs a bottle from the vending machine as she leaves the gym. But for all of her health conscious and self-conscious water consumption, she's missing the bigger picture. She misses the fact that for each 12 oz. bottle she buys, she is wasting the oil that is used to make the bottle. Does she recycle? We don't know. But better than recycling is not to use the resource in the first place.
So when she buys a bottle of water it's just like she goes to drink oil, but instead of consuming it, she wastes it- and we see that in the image here as the oil pours from her mouth unconsumed.

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I would expect something more creative from San Fransisco.

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I like the proposition that by drinking filtered water you consume less resources, but this execution is mediocre.

We're going to need more lube.

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I don't know what to say.


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