Brother LatinAmerica 2008 Registration Campaign: Vampires

Great quality and doubtful reputation teachers.
Done in Brother. Creative School

It's a serie of 10 print ads that speak about the benefits of "Brother", a creative ad school in many Latin American countries and it's 2008 registration process.

Advertising Agency: Mostro Chile
General Creative Director: Daslav Maslov
Creative Director: Gastón Morales
Copywriters: Gastón Morales
Art Directors: Daslav Maslov
Ilustration: Daslav Maslov
Account Manager: Alejandro Maggi
Client Authorization: Mauro Suarez


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I really like them all. The illustrations are very nice. Some headlines better than others. This is my least favorite of the bunch. The dracula image is a bit much for me.

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beautiful, perfect for the targets and the school! great campaign

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me encanta. me encanta. me encanta. me encanta

realmente se las mandaron, y los textos están buenisimos!


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muy buena campaña. pero estoy de acuerdo con un comentario anterior, mientras le sigan vendiendo glamour a los chicos la industria va a seguir asi.
muy buenos artes. felicitaciones.

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en fin
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para qué mandar 7 avisos, si tienen 3 muy buenos? Creo que la campaña al final pierde fuerza, y no era necesario mandar tantos. A veces es bueno mandar poco, pero bueno.

Me quedo con el de la aspirina, el de la madre y el de la cabeza podrida.

En todo caso bien por Mostro, buen arte y copys.

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All in Spanish... Well lets do at least one in English. Some of the illustrations are pretty cool. If I talk about the campaign, well, that is other thing. Like someone said, why 10 ads? You have 3 very good so stay with than and don't loose the "power" on the campaign. The other thing is the glamor... it is fine, it is great sometimes but come on guys if we just sell this to the kids, the business it will stay just like that.

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No puedo opinar mucho ya que unas las hice yo.
Solo dire que hay mucho cariño dentro de ellas.... mucho cariño...

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