Brother LatinAmerica 2008 Registration Campaign: Dreams

Allowed to dream in class.
Done in Brother. Creative School

It's a serie of 10 print ads that speak about the benefits of "Brother", a creative ad school in many Latin American countries and it's 2008 registration process.

Advertising Agency: Mostro Chile
General Creative Director: Daslav Maslov
Creative Director: Gastón Morales
Copywriters: Gastón Morales
Art Directors: Daslav Maslov
Ilustration: Daslav Maslov
Account Manager: Alejandro Maggi
Client Authorization: Mauro Suarez


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Creo que mientras le sigan vendiendo glamour a los pibes la industria va a seguir siendo lo que es. La campaña me gusta mucho pero no me gusta este ejemplo.

Y perdon pero... la jeringa?

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