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Other one is ok, this one is simply stupid.. And art isn't as good as in the other one..


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Manish Sharma
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I don't think its helping the brand.

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Yah, it helps short dicks.

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What on earth is the idea behind this????

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black men have big dicks... but with their tanning products you could look almost indistinguishable from black men...
A more positive spin on it - get the same attractive tan skin that black men do.

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I am yet to see an ad for indoor tanning that is NOT sexual. Why are they showing guys showering at a tanning salon? And shouldn't the penises look circumcised? lol On a different note, I visited their website and I have to say their tanning beds are out of this world!

update: Checkhill provided a wonderful explanation. So now I think this is a different tongue in cheek approach to promoting indoor tanning. Not that bad really. It's funny.

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Ty, i agree that it's a good job, but references to positive racial differences(!?). Still good idea if you avoid literal thinking and considering it's a local job.

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the idea behind this is to get tanned so perfectly that noone will know if it is a tan or not, hence won't know if you are black or not, unless they see you have a small dick.

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or get tanned so that people think you've got a big "one".. (a stereotype associated with guys of African descent).

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even though this is stupid it makes me laugh

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Don Rapper
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its a good idea. A little hard to get.
I liked the other one better, this one is a little disgusting, but hey, im a guy, so maybe thats that, hahaha

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oh! i got the concept, but it takes to much (well im not senior...), the "whites" got great color like the "browns".... but i think isn't right to use stereotypes like these =(

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if you have to show dicks and asses, the idea doesn´t work

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A tagline would have helped! I didn't really get it at first.

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The use of racial stereotypes is downright stupid, 5th grader level. Advertising at its worst. Shame on you, TBWA/Istanbul

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Funny & clever!

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this is probably the worst ad i have seen in a need a seriously twisted humour to get this...

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i have a question
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Is there any message?

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Ha! I found it quite funny once I got it.

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it was to good for 2010.
message is clear art is powerfull.
Thank you.

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