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does this ferry look like a car?

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About what this advertising?

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very confusing !! i dont get it at all !! I wonder how consumers will receive this!

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The visual play is pretty interesting. I want to like these, but the are confusing. It's a step removed. The car gets me to these locations. Than I guess the ferries will get the car to the place to the location. I'm also confuse with some of the art direction: Why the plate behind the logo? Is it a plate? Also the image is seems like it doesn't make any sense if you are in a car— a mountain peak, middle of a field?

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Other ads are good especially the Stonehenge one, but this one gets a bit out of the objective. This would be good for Arbre Magique.

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Really interesting visual. But I also am very confused.

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Okay, this is the one that's helped me get this. The fake tree / air freshener is hanging inside a windscreen, so you are seeing the scene from your car. I guess if everyone knows the ferries are car ferries then it would be easier to get. Okay I get them now. Don't just see these sights, take your car. On our ferries.

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from shutter stock :)

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