British Auto Service: Accent

There are few mechanics who will even touch a British car. Usually owners resort to a dealership servicing their vehicle, which can be costly. British Auto Service is the perfect alternative. They're more affordable than a dealership, sometimes even half the cost. British Auto Service approached us with a challenge to raise awareness to this fact on a low budget. We created these posters and placed them in high, foot traffic areas around Milwaukee. Since the posting of the posters British Auto Service has had an increase of new customers.

Advertising Agency: STIR, Milwaukee, USA
Creative Director: Steve Koeneke
Art Director: Brian Steinseifer
Copywriter: Scott Shalles
Aired: July, 2008


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Crisp One
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ok-ish line

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I think it's a nice campaign. Cool Art Direction and the copy is pretty ok

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Very nice.

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because YOU'RE an IDIOT who's NOT GOING TO UNDERSTAND what we did to your Spitfire ANYWAY.


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Haha! Great comment.

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