Británico English courses: Beach

Hey, kid, in five minutes the tide will have covered everything around here.
In real life, English doesn't come with subtitles.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Lima, Peru
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Copywriter: Daniel De León
Art Director: Alejandro Bottas
Head of Art: Christian Sánchez
Agency Producer: Michel Motte
Photographer: César Guerrero
Published: February 2012

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539 pencils

this Like it.
i see the hand of Pantigoso

dbor's picture
1455 pencils

Bad idea.

kleenex's picture
28715 pencils

Not so sure this works.

quentin's picture
56 pencils

Bad concept... I feel it like a template

pierrelastname's picture
2869 pencils

good one! bad comments are just jealous one! CONGRATULATIONS!

jponino's picture
601 pencils

or maybe you're the one who made that crap, (or belongs to the team or the agency)
anyway, this is crappy in the concept, in the execution, and this has no power to be memorized !
to sum up, nobody cares about this s%`*t ! :)

msgrafis's picture
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im actually lazy to login and comment...

But i have to say this, this time......

Why some great ideas here are said as bad, BUT bad ones are said as good...?

I feel the message from this ad is really understandable. I certainly understand the message from this ad, and i will definitely go for this ad.

No, im not the maker of this ad, just someone who is sooo wondering WHY seems perception about good n bad ads here is different so much from reality.

No, I dont want to judge you. Just want to say, after being silence for long time.

Peace ^__^

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Terrible idea.

Sales and Marketing's picture
Sales and Marketing
451 pencils

cant be happened.

Speaker I (Sales and Marketing) INDIA

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well said.

jazzringz's picture
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chill Makersq.))

non of the real creative even bothered to comment on this ads. so dont take it as we liked it! its a waste of time.

Sales and Marketing's picture
Sales and Marketing
451 pencils

Thanks JAZZRINGZ but i am the person who had no academy related to communication media but due to passion gradually learnt whatever by the people's comment. But forgot they might mislead too.

Speaker I (Sales and Marketing) INDIA

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Is this a school for little kids that age? Would grown-ups dig themselves down into the sand and drown like that? The truth is hard to find in this one.

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Mucha gente puede decir que:

- Los malos comentarios son de gente celosa.
- La "mala vibra" seguro que es de algún equipo creativo de otra agencia... y mucho más.

Hay que tener más humildad y menos ego.

Opino que tienen un buen concepto (pasable), pero está mal ejecutado. Supongo que querrán enviarlo a algún festival, porque la gente que no está en esta industria se pregunta hasta lo más mínimo (por qué la TV delante de una persona, etc. - eso no es subestimar la inteligencia de las personas, simplemente hay que reducirles el tiempo para entender un mensaje, por eso existe la publicidad, por eso somos "comunicadores"... o gente que domina el arte de persuadir para vender, como 5hit quieran llamarle. Con suerte para esta publicidad harán eso, otros simplemente verán demasiados "códigos" y voltearán la página. Good work.

"Si eres buen copy, presiona alt + F4"

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Buena idea, tambien veo vallas y paneles de la misma campaña,. y siguen una misma linea!

Genial Y&R

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