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Have Heart
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The visual isn't new, but the thought hits the point damn well.

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looks cool, but i think it needs to look shitty if the idea should work ;) but the art director surely is someone who doesn't stop till it's great. looks like LOTS of hours on those.

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The only thing i like is the concept.

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I like these I think - I've seen the idea done before, it's nice to think someone did it all by hand, and the concept is sound.

I don't get why if it looked shitty if the idea should work, can you explain this Wordnerd?

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the line says "you can't describe driving pleasure". They chose typo to form a landscape, that really looks like great driving pleasure. I like the ad in whole, but i feel the art fights for itself, but not for the idea.
If the idea is different, then i don't get it;)

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This is way too close to the Nissan "Words Fail" campaign.

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I like this but I feel they could've done this much simpler. For once I find the presence of grand art direction utterly distracting. If the execution has been seen before just do something different, even more so when it doesn't ad much to the idea.

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IMHO the copy is a bit wrong. visual is saying more like 'you can describe everything. except THIS CAR.' cause the visual is stating that what is now mundane (around us) cannot compete with the car's design.
to describe a driving pleasure, the situations should be more extreme. now it's just like everydays driving route. this concept could be pushed a bit forward.

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Not bad at all.

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If I was working at a "media arts" agency and just won a new client like BMW, I'd want to do more than rehash and old visual idea. Not that it's a bad rehashing, it's just that it's not particularly refreshing...

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Would hate to start inDesign with this in mind ;)
very nice
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haha! :)

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Yes I've seen it before (typographic illustrations) but that doesn't stop me from really liking these.

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good direction...all of them

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Vernon Jeremy Muller
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I'll have to agree with Kris... it's a fantastic work of art, but I find myself admiring the artwork rather than the car... Got to give the artist an "A+" though for the amount of hours put into this piece of work. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give this a 4 and a half

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