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483 pencils
Chris's picture
1985 pencils

hey mate! yeah but this is executed much better i think.

.nl's picture
207 pencils

This execution is painful bad!!!

puppiepoppy's picture
1634 pencils

Once again, this proves that not all Cannes winning works are great work! Some are not refreshing stuffs...probably ripped off from old New York Festivals or somewhere....

yellowcow's picture
23 pencils

"stuffs" hahahahahaha!

Ainadaliel's picture
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I saw those ads, too. The TNT Express ones are for a parcel delivery service, so it looks like the pregnant woman and the policeman IS the cargo. Whereas with these Pizza Hut ads, it looks like the bride, SWAT team, and doctors "hitched" with the Pizza delivery guy.

I think these Pizza Hut ads translate the idea of the product's benefit better. Who checks in a pregnant lady at a parcel service so she can get to a hospital?

Ad Junkie At Large's picture
Ad Junkie At Large
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yes and i think the concept is much better for the TNT delivery because they are actually delivering any number of things, pizza hut just delivers pizza, and if they did have a bride on the bike does that mean the bride would take priority over the pizza that is getting cold? thanks for the link wkanaan!

fluffy's picture
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Not much of a breeze on any of the models - I think the visual looks a bit odd because of it.

puppiepoppy's picture
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Yup, Guerrero doing his rip off again!

Anyway, no wonder bladee Pizza Hut is always late. Shit!

Ainadaliel's picture
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For a Creative Director, you sure need grammar lessons. The plural of "stuff" is "a lot of stuff", not "stuffS."

What's with all the hating? This won a Bronze for an Asian country, so be happy for 'em!

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Pacific Blue
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I'm happy happy for them.
(Despite I didn't like the idea the first time I saw it)

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The bride is going to be there "hot and on time", good one.

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so when i order a pizza i get two brides? doesn't sound like a good deal to me. i'd rather some cheesy bread.

no_comment's picture
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you only get one. but if you order now you'll get a mother in law.

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OK! 10 points to everybody who pointed out the obvious similarity to TNT. Now, we need to rank you all on the humour and bitchiness scale.

Blahg's picture
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At least when they copied it they executed it better.

goozano's picture
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better execution, besides i think everything we are seeing here probably was made for someone before maybe not but in the advertising world this kind of "creative coincidences" always happen who can say no?

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euclid the gree...
98 pencils

better execution than the TNT Express ads

Mabakima's picture
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Better execution or not, won a bronze Lion or not, the idea isn't fresh. Any creative who'd spend a little bit of thinking would most likely stumble on an execution such as this.

afterbyrne's picture
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Oh wow!! I thought I jumped into a time machine and was in the 1980's! Lame and over used.

puppiepoppy's picture
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Can't agree more!

Rog's picture
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Yep. Was it an Audi or Renault 'quick'campaign last week?
The organ delivery? The bride? The pizza guy? Veeery similar line thinking.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Ainadaliel's picture
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Go, ROGER! Out more similar ads! That's what you do best, eh?

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me thinks
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Love this one.

mrtalented's picture
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the ad looks fake. and the idea is not hot and fresh!

fake lighting. fake retouching. fake reflection on the motorbike. fake shadow.

Yeminius's picture
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the retouching is great :@ just look at that frozen hair! maybe that country is pretty pretty cold

indenial's picture
4 pencils

It's called hairspray, kid.

Yeminius's picture
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that's the word I was looking for!

but you are wrong old man, it is enamel spray

Popporn's picture
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I like the TNT "version" more realistic and effective.
and I agree that the shadows are really baaaad.


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