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what does it try to say? feels like you're peeing in a lemon garden?
if this is the idea i think it needs to be improved. it needs a twist i think.
and in my humble opinion the lemons look pasted because of the unrealistic reflections. Nice use of logo btw.

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it says; your WC will smell like lemon garden... it's so easy...
for the art direction; it has to be real...

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i agree with u on the meaning, but the visual shows a guy peeing on a tree, they should added some elements from a WC

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I disagree. It´s nicer just the way it is ...

chinaski's picture
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yes, that's why i mean by adding a twist. this way it's not convincing.

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it seems to me that there are at least 5 different photos in it.

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simple and clear!

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you don't have to add elements from WC because it's what you feel...

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really? that's all it takes, eh? well then, i feel that this ad is shit. and if that's what i feel, according to your logic, that makes it true. so discussion over. it's shit.

| think small |

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Oh! Before reading the comments I thought this was an ad for lemonade! Blech!!!

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very good!

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I didn't like it at first, but then slowly it starts to grow on you... (sorry, couldn't resist.)

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If it was to work where I come from it probably needs a toilet roll holder on the tree or something. Or maybe the word bathroom instead of WC but that's just because we haven't said water closet since the 1800's.

Also there is an old saying and or practice that pissing on lemon trees is good for them so I was a little confused at first glance but once again I'm not sure if that's the same in Turkey.

Not bad.

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So how many layers in the photoshop document?? The lighting is totally wrong! Check out the angle of shadows on grass. Idea? "Your toilet will smell like a lemon tree and a bridge crossing nearby on a shiny day where you can spot all layers of photoshop and all shadows seem to fall in wrong angle?" HAHAHA
I think this smells like it has been done for a forthcoming advertising competition or something. Come on guys! Be real!

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i can see only a guy with bad peeing habits! WC gel is for hand cleansing? then it has nothing to do with peeing. or if it's a scented gel, i don't think being under a lemon tree with smell lemony as long as the lemon stays uncut.

by the way, the photoshop looks messy.

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Then I assume it will take quite a long time for these guys to sell a piece of WC gel to someone :)

Submitted by Jet Propulsion Lab on Fri, 2008-05-30 00:59.
I didn't like it at first, but then slowly it starts to grow on you... (sorry, couldn't resist.)

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Something similar was done for an air freshner before. I couldnt find the link but it was a nice pic of an open green forest, and between the bushes you could see the guy s*iting, and then the packaging of the product in the corner.

This one is ok, but its confusing, because you really think that the guy is peeing outside (something common). They should have put a mirror or something else showing that it was a bathroom in first place.

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Problem isn't that the ad needs a toilet roll holder or anything like that. Problem is that we're all unfamiliar with the brand.

For all we know, Bref is an instantly recognizable product in Turkey. Like how we all know what a Xerox or a Kleenex is. I know that WC means "water closet" which is another name for bathroom, but I certainly have no idea what "WC gel" is. Do you wash your hands with it? Clean your toilet with it? Or is it just, as I suspect, an air freshener?

Whoever uploads ads to AOTW really needs to explain this kind of thing.

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it's done before....
Peeing into ocean....

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