Breeze: Dog

Win the added softness of Comfort.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bangkok, Thailand
Executive Creative Directors: Dominic Stallard
Art Directors: Dominic Stallard
Copywriters: Scott Hitchcock
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Via: Best ads on TV


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959 pencils

Very soft Idea!!!

Live with Passion

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... the visuals are kinda visually disturbing... the kids look like physically handicapped people... good idea bad execution.

Thoughts become things.

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Dev Kumar
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Yep...this is bad execution of what is actually a damn good idea. Great positioning though - "With the added softness of Comfort". Wow.

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I like the idea and the way they tried to do it, kind of real shots. I think, however, that the final look is not so good. Anyway, nice campaign.

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I like the idea but it's true that the visuals are disturbing. Here, the child is looking at the dog like if he was the principal element of the ad. the art is not excellent.

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this one is dream. but no drama in picture taken.

outsmart me, if you can

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i agree the execution could have been better, but i still like them quite a bit.

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brings a amile on the face...

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Andrey Vaslit
210 pencils

Like this one more.

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How I said nice idea

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Disagree for nice Ad, it could have better execution.

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What is this advertising?

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Could have been better execution, I agree. However it is a step up from the one with the kids on the picnic blanket.

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first most obvious choice: sex. second: baby humans and baby animals.

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tanvir hassan raju
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this one really it


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