Breathe Right: Bikes

Get rid of the snore.

Advertising Agency: Grey Hong Kong

Executive Creative Director: Keith Ho
Creative Director: Sonic Choy
Art Director: Gloria Fung
Copywriter: Halo Cheng

December, 2009


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not bad

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Bikes do work too, instead of Band !

silvi's picture
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Same fucking nose in every ads!!!!

hagemony's picture
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funny i think.

Georgitte's picture
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Will not work if in circulation

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Audrius Kubrik
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I'm sure my girlfriend would love it :o) This one works the best for me in the series. The sound of train and a rock band doesn't really resemble snorting... A circus man riding a noisy elephant, perhaps? I'm sure you had more...

It's not exactly a (an advertising)world-changing idea, but it's a simple problem that demands a simple and clear creative solution. Anyway, it made me write down the name of the product, so it's no less than 8 from me.

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why do they going inside the nose, shouldn't they coming outside from nose


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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I think this is a cute kid nose... hardly snores. in fact, it's not the nose but the throat that snores, right?

I like the execution though.

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I like the fact that Snores do sound kinda like choppers/hogs.. hehe

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This is a very nice campaign, unique approach. Good job!

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