August 2006
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The unofficial world record in holding your breath underwater
Probably belongs to a prisoner in an Iraqi or Afghan prison. The prisoners are exposed to the so called "enhanced interrogation techniques" by american soldiers. These techniques include "near death drowning experiences" where the head of the victim is held under water.
It's torture no matter what George Bush calls it.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Carsten Schiott, Mads Ohrt
Copywriter: Jesper Hansen
Art Director: Olga Bastian, Jesper Isholm
Photographer: Martin Soeby
Typographer: Olga Bastian

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Such skillful art direction have contributed to bring down the Bush administration. And if Obama or any other person continues the same legacy ..... such campaigns have the capability to dethrone them too.......... Beware of Amnesty International. The Voice of the Oppressed.


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