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Tero Ylitalo
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"Pastes like shit."

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Guilherme Bill Luz
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done before...boring

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When someone finds something that HASN'T been done before, please hand over the Nobel Prize for Advertising, let's all go out of business and do something really meaningful, 'cause there won't be any point in this freakin posts, now, will there? It doesn't matter if something HAS been done, it's HOW it is done. And this one is a sad example, by the way.

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I fully agree with Arisca... Although the idea above is sad...


- The trick to forgetting the big picture is to look at everything close-up.

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I'd like to see the work of all the people who post nothing but "seen it before / done before / not original".
Or is it so easy for them to pull off a unique original winner every time?

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i hear ya...people will always say that tho...i think its a side effect of jealousy.

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there's stuff that's been done, and stuff that's been done to death. you can find a campaign like this in almost any student book. taking the color out of something is one of the most over-used tricks in advertising.

& it is ok to borrow an idea and make it your own if you can find some kind of original twist. this is what we all do for a living.

ivan posted a great example of this formula:

the ad above is o.k. for the consumer, but is a little boring and lacks that unique twist.

except for the word charmy.
now that's original.


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I like the brand placement in the ad.

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charmy is not an adjective, it isn't even a word.
i'm thinking something is getting lost in translation.
this ad isn't that great really. shirts aren't painted, they are made of fibres that have been dyed, i'm missing the connection here. Carmen Miranda is a person, she wasn't a painted wall. plus, all paint that you choose to paint with has colour, how is this something to talk about in an ad?

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kre8 - side note, i used the word charmy today in a sentence as an experiment. i got laughs. thank goodness for advertising.

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Well...the good thing from this campaign only the logo treatment. The other elements are weak.

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