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I will give the ads a complete thumbs up.

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looks pretty and looks like it's something that has a nice message, but im not sure i understand.
anyone care to explain?

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She likes her boots so much she wouldn't take them off to get her tattoos. But that leads to the obvious problem, why did she take them off for the photoshoot?

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ahhh thanks.

i think the tattoo one is a bit of a stretch since it's not too common (thus not an insight) that people get their whole legs tattooed. arms yes, legs not so much.

the tanning one works better.

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Awsome...n my interpretation of it is....that part of the legs are only for her boots and nothing else. so that fits the bill for me.

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Okay, this makes sense.

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Elson Miguel
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Quite cool, easy to get...nice.

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It would have made more sense to keep them on. No? Oh heck, it's just scam.

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i would have to agree but then they may lose the element of exaggeration which i think they were aiming for.

groovy baby!

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it wouldnt work with the boots on cus then itd just be a woman with tattooed legs wearing boots...the viewer would assume the "boot" part of her legs are tattooed as well, which would defeat the whole purpose of the idea.

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