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No one knows for sure if Shakespeare was gay. This is a stupid campaign. Not that there's anything wrong with that if he was. :-p

shakespeare's picture
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It was only a blow job.

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jajajajajajaja! or hahahahaha! depending where you read it.

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You don't need "was gay." The rainbow says it all.

Or, just use "was." Michaelangelo was. Etc.

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Flora A.
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I don't like it. The idea is clear: you can be genious even being gay. But a campaign against prejudice couldn't ignore women. That's machism! Why ignore women? You could use Joanna D'arc or even Virginia Woolf for instance. But I like the attitude of this campaign.

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Matt Sniper
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Nice art direction. Agree with Monica, but the ad is beautiful anyway.

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We don't know if any of these people were gay. And so what if they were -- how does that help stop prejudice? "Some famous guy who died 400 years ago was gay! Stop the hatred!" How does this motivate people to change?

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Back in his day, the word "gay" probably meant something entirely different. As in, "Little Billy was always gay especially around his male friends..."

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yes, gay originally meant "happy"

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Drew Ovard
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I don't think being funny is a good way to arouse awareness about prejudism. Gay bashing is still a major issue in the world, even more so on Latin American countries such as Brazil. Gay people are abused and sometimes killed on the Northeast States of Brazil, and are commonly treated as lesser beings in schools and when competing for job opportunities. And so many of you people here laughing about it, writing sarcastic, ass-witty remarks surely does not help gay people live their lives normally.

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Looking at his tragedy to comedy ratio, Shakespeare was definitely not gay in the Elizabeathen Era sense of the word.

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What the Hell2
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I agree. You don't need "was gay." The rainbow says it all.

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What the Hell2
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but it stincks anyway

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Sir Muddy Waters
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WTF campaign! I hope this advertiser budget finishes as soon as possible before no man's reputation still remains untouched.

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rainbows are gay.

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all these people mentioned we're already known to be gay. a man who devoted his life writing tragic comedies... gay. maybe if someone badass was labelled gay i might care. fags...

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just because famous people are gay still doesn't make it right.

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