Cannes Lions 2007 Young creatives winner.

Right To Play is an international humanitarian organisation committed to improving the lives of children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. It uses specially-designed sport and play programmes to promote development, peace and health. The aim of the brief was to create awareness, educate and inform the public about the charity Right To Play and their work in using sport for peace worldwide.

Art Director: Leandro Cacioli, Contrapunto
Copywriter: Leandro Lourenção, Fallon

July 2007


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Winner at level of bronze of course. Logo is quite ugly but this was obligatory so it's forgiven.

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What's up with the hating? It freaking won in the toughest festival!
Good job.

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to be honest: i don't care what it won. I don't understand what i see

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To be honest, its not communicating the message... at all. If thats what the brief was well its not working for me... medal or no medal... it won because it was a "humanitarian organization committed to improving the lives of children in the most disadvantaged areas of the world" ... the judges must have been feel goods... oh well.

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i agree. i can see what they were trying to do, but there could have been a stronger visual. show me something real not illustrated. kudos on the award though.

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I see you guys are not familiar with the young guns competition.

Teams from all over the world are given the same brief and they have about one day to come up with a finished ad.

That's why everything looks so crappy. With more time the ideas and executions would definitely be better.

And this particular ad didn't win a bronze because its for a humanitarian organization. All of the ads were, since the brief was the same.

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You´re right, I didn´t know that.

I take back what I said. For a 1 day work it´s a good ad.

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1 day is time enough to do any thing.
i met an Art Director (today Creative Director) who made 3 ads in 24hours, amazing ads should i say. with some copywriter of course... was an emergency... client call to agency 5pm asking for a campaign... too see, aproove, produce and send to magazine in 2 days...
i believe since then: to be good in advertising you have to be able to do good job instinctly, fast, just like a football player front of the goalkipper.
let me put on this way: how many shots Pele needs to make a score?
well, if Pele can do 10 shots and 10 scores, he is good and professional, and on the middle of this 10 scores you will find one or more SPETACULAR scores.

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I don´t like this one. They could illustrate Pelé in several better ways.

And I don´t see why is it important to mention that the war stopped to watch Pele play. It has nothing to do with the campaign, c´mon. They speak as if the war would stop for good if Pele moved to Congo.

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this is the weakest of the winners in my opinion. the headline feels like a cut and paste job from the brief. and i'm not sure where they're trying to go with the art direction. maybe they were trying to make it look like camouflage and didn't have time to pull it off. if that was the intent, i like it a little better.

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its ok...but needs to be illustrated properly...

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has anyone read what sold has put...

anyone got a drug helpline number to help himout

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I don't know why people asume that guy is Pelé? At Congo there are quite black people. Just because the brazilian team did the doesn't that that guy is Pelé and particularly i think it's not.
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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