Brawndo: Killer straws, 4

Fully loaded with caffeine.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan München Hamburg, Germany
Creative director: Ekki Frenkler
Art Directors: Miro Moric, Patrizia Marroni
Copywriter: Eva Foraita
Illustration: Miro Moric, Daniel Tomcic
Published: December 2008


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but does it have electrolytes?

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This would make more sense if one end of tank was attached to the drink or if the drink was ammo for the gun, then you would have a link with the product, like this you could be advertising just about any drink, your competitors would thank you

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Let me think now, the last time I saw someone use a straw to drink out of a can was... Oh yeah. Like never.

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im a bit lost. is it the straw or the drink thats being advertised? if its the drink im thinking whats the relationship between fully loaded with caffine and the 'theme' of the campaign 'killer straws'. love the art direction, love the vibrancy, but needs some explanation........

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i have just seen some clips from brawndo on youtube.
if all the campaign comes in that manner, the print ads are on strategy.
9/10 points for the work

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