Brawndo: Killer straws, 3

Fully loaded with caffeine.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan München Hamburg, Germany
Creative director: Ekki Frenkler
Art Directors: Miro Moric, Patrizia Marroni
Copywriter: Eva Foraita
Illustration: Miro Moric, Daniel Tomcic

December 2008


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again war and arms built out of stuff..?

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c'mon wordnerd, it's just some fun

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aaaaaalright then

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Cool and fresh art direction, but using a straw instead of an intrinsic aspect of the product, weakens the ad.

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I totally agree, the strategy is off. It's not the straw that wakes you up.

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I totally agree three.

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soory, but Straws aren't full of cafeine..maybe the drink.... it remember me lolly pop ads...

by the's the german blood taste of ads...sorry

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The straws might not be full of cafeine but is what you use to get it with that drink!...
I think is a good ad

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I sometimes use a straw to snort some coke. Is that so wrong?
Caffeine is for pussies, if I may dare say so... Thank you.

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Bundy Agency
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wasn't this done by starburst, for their lollypops

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Nuff said. Fresh look but something for design books. Besides the art direction it ignores everything what makes great advertising. Next time show us an idea first. And if you guys have to go with such a dull product for your scam ad´s try to say something new and unique. This should rather appear on

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straw is too generic, could be advertising for any drink.

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hmmm...not really new. next...

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Anybody seen Idiocracy?

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any drinking device becomes a weapon trough brawndo's coffeine amount.
i guess that's what the ad's mean. it could also work with
a glass becoming a weapon or whatever.


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