Back to the future, 3

April 2013
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In the creation of the Braun steel digital watch range it was the roots that showed the way forward, right back to the future. The layout has been reduced to the minimum and remains true to the core Braun design principle: The strength of pure. The direct tonality is humorously honest and purely understated, simply “less but better”. And this is exactly what the Braun steel digital watch is.

Counts to one minute in 60 seconds.
This watch doesn’t require big words. Except perhaps, Monday to Sunday.
Rather, it’s making a statement: For you and your extraordinary
appreciation of numbers and letters.
BN0106 steel range. A watch. From Braun.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Proximity, Düsseldorf, Germany
Executive Creative Director: Michael Funk
Creative Director: Olaf Reys
Art Directors: Sebastian Steinhoff, Phillip Alings
Copywriters: Michael Funk, Sebastian Steller, Ashleigh West, Nadia Leytes
Photographer: Christian Stoll

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I do not like any three of those ads.


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