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USC Trojans wanted.

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very great execution

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i dont know, but this campaign has an american feeling to it, at least for me, maybe the helmet is relating to the american football...
anyway its a good executed campaign...

| Everartz |

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yes, you´re right. monarchs is the american football team from bratislava. this is the recruitment campaign.

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tamer samy
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just awesome..

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Very nice art on this one.

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My God I can's wait for football season to start up again!!! As a guy who played organized football for more than a decade, I LOVE THIS AD! Not to mention that my high school moniker was the WARRIORS!

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This is odd to me because the players are already monarchs with a logo of a crown and yet, they want to be a completely different character. I would have liked to have seen a tighter relationship with the monarch side of them because ten minutes after seeing the ad, I forget the team and just remember "trojan."

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