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December 2010

Print advertisment created by Miami Ad School, Brazil for Brastemp, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Good ideas don’t born above 86° F.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School/ESPM, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director / Copywriter: Dimas Oliveira

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Why is this on the front page and not in the exhibition? Is it because it's from a student at the Miami Ad School?

The bad translation is killing the whole thing.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!!

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Cultural snobbery masquerading as smartassed advertising.

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How were there three. I didn't even need to see the other two to see these aren't good.

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Its bad

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I spent 2 minutes on this page.
Not because of the work but trying to understand curiouspencil's comment.
Next time i wish i could come up with one.

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Ron Burgundy
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Young Grasshopper should not try to understand the way of the Word Samurai

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But we should give it a try 'Justanopinion' so that next time you too may come up with one.

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Ron Burgundy
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Sorry, I don't follow

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himanshu prabhakar
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"Ivan" why is that campaign on the front page ??

Himanshu Prabhakar

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COme on,´s terrible!!

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These ads are kind of racist. Why Asians on all three ads??

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Jaap Grolleman
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Well I do like the insight and it could be rewarded with a good ad, instead it's a terribly awkward one.

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agree jack. could have been funny but not that way

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Fire the instructors.

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People are getting upset that there are Asians in all the pictures here. Did it ever occur to them, I wonder, that the people in those photos may be the student's friends and classmates, who agreed to help him with his project by modeling for him, and that these friends just happen to be Asians? These aren't photos you'd likely find on google, after all.

Maybe the work shouldn't have been put up on a professional site. We could argue about that all morning. But I think there's a failure to take into account the ground-level reality of how student work gets done to read racism into these ads.

That's it.

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Funnily enough, it was an American invention as it turns out, from 1941.

But the picture's been doing the rounds since people started slacking off: (via google...)

I originally threw venom at this series, but edited a lot out precisely because it's student work. If this isn't cultural fingerpointing, where are the funny Australian and African inventions? Why limit to 'those crazy orientals' when there's plenty more stupid ideas from the occident?

For students to lapse into stereotypes so early in their careers is not only lazy, it's dangerous. Letting this slip by without at least a mention of cultural considerations, that isn't the way to help anyone in their thinking. Especially when the second largest economy they'll be targeting in later life will be precisely the people they so easily pigeonhole here.

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OK, totally exposed on the lipstick image. My assumption was wrong.

But on your last point, I still don't think there's either intentional or subconscious racism in these. I think it's a matter of certain wacky images being convenient to reach. That's all.

(I hope you realize that I'm not a racist, and if I thought that was what is going on here, I'd be among the first to blast. The profs should have questioned the use of these images for the reason you point out in your third paragraph, though. I agree.)


That's it.

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I know you're not racist, Billoughsby, and don't think that this series is racist either, just lazy. Cultural stereotyping though is a very slippy step on a fast route in that direction, and as long as people are aware they're doing it, they can question its necessity. I think the makers of this series will be appalled that their message has been seen to be racist, or negative in any way, and their teachers too.

But as advertisers we're trained and learn to target audiences precisely, to think in their shoes, and once we know who we're talking to, we steer their thinking and make them think the way we want. In doing that, we need to be damned careful we don't let our own lazy stereotypes slip in to our message. Because then it's directly our responsibility, not the client's, not the consumer, that a simple product message is contaminated with negatives. We're professionals, and we need to cut that shit out, not normalise it.

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Loud and clear. Thanks.

That's it.

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In Sao Paulo temperature sometimes go over 86˚. Just saying.

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A bad idea lost its way horribly to worse condition


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I think I'll kill my self after looking at this. Goodbye

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Come back to school!

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Temperaturas altas em São Paulo, ein?!